Summer Floor Tip: Bolon Woven Vinyl Sisal

Email from 6.18.08

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Today I wanted to honor summer's impending arrival by tipping you off to Bolon. I've been using this chic, matt-like floor covering with clients for over five years and love it. It's an affordable, super durable "vinyl sisal" that was invented in Sweden in 1949 for use as "kitchen mats". Still wildly popular there, it is also used as "camping carpet" by intrepid Swedes during the summer months...

Waterproof, easy to clean and warm under foot, Bolon made its appearance in the States in 2002 as an bright, alternative floor covering that was capable of being used indoors and out. Since then, they've introduced a new, wider range of fashionable colors and patterns.

If you're thinking of adding some color or texture to a kitchen, hallway, bathroom OR want to do anything in a summer house, this is worth checking out.

Pricing is very good. Bolon comes on a roll, is purchased by the foot (@ $8.70 per foot at 6'7" wide), and is easily cut down by hand for area coverage or finished against the wall for wall to wall. It requires no mat underneath. If you're interested, the places below will send you samples to check out first.

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