We recently visited a friend's summer home on the Eastern Shore boasting an incredible dormitory-style sleeping porch that slept nearly twenty (!) people. Ever since, I've been amassing decor inspiration for my dream home, which will most definitely include a screened-in sleep space. Once a common find in older DC area homes, many sleeping porches have since been closed in and converted to year round sunrooms. While we love those too, the idea of escaping the sweltering DC nights without A/C or mosquitoes is certainly dreamy...

A comfy bed, ceiling fan, and fresh air sound like the perfect recipe for an at home escape!

Given the choice, would you opt for a year round sunroom or a screened in sleeping porch?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

(Images: 1: Pottery Barn, 2: Traditional Home, 3: Apartment Therapy AB Chao's house tour, 4: Laura Resen, 5: Poppy-Cottage, 6: Homeaway, 7: Flickr member Frances 1972 licensed under Creative Commons, 8: Leah Moss of the Smith Farm)