8 Fun Finds to Bring a Little Summertime to Your Home

Summer is finally here. With the heat comes sand, sun, fireflies, farmers markets and all sorts of other wonderful things we've been waiting all year for. Bring some heat to your house all year long with these summer inspired products. Crank up the AC, grab a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy.

1. Save Ferris Print from Etsy, $18
2. Farmers Market Basket from Anthropologie, $14
3. Perfect Twist Poster from Etsy, $50
4. Dandelion Pillow Cover from West Elm, $24.99
5. Viento Pinwheels from Sprout Home, $12.75 - $20.75
6. Ferris Wheel from CB2, $79.95
7. Coney Island Beach Wall Art from Urban Outfitters, $44
8. Dream Light from Urban Outfitters, $35

Images: As linked above