Summer Picnic Essentials

Summer Picnic Essentials

Claire Bock
Jun 18, 2014
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Summer in the city means finding green spaces that are forgotten about during the winter months and enjoying picnics in the park. And every summer it seems that I head out to the park for a picnic and arrive missing a crucial element for the perfect afternoon. Here is a list of picnic essentials to pack before heading out. And when summer is over, these essentials can carry over into tailgating season, too.

It is often easier to go for disposable tableware when dining on the go, but this is a more ec0-friendly approach to picnics. For a list of the most stylish disposable tableware around, check out the Kitchn.

1. Keep your rosé chilled all afternoon with Corksicle, $17.95

2. The picnic blankets from H&M Home are cheap and chic, with a plastic backing and a wraparound handle. $17.95

3. Paola Navone designed a range of picnic essentials for Crate and Barrel this spring, including this metal picnic box. Crate & Barrel, $39.95

4. Ice packs at an unbeatable price from IKEA, $0.99

5. A colorful beach mat from Oh Joy! for Target, $20

6. Keep clean with eco-friendly cloth napkins on a roll that are reusable up to six times. MyDrap, $28 a roll

7. A corkscrew and bottle opener are two items that are often forgotten. The Pultex Waiter's corkscrew combines both into a small and functional package. Sur La Table, $9.95

8. This cooler bag from is big enough to hold lunch and a couple of bottles of wine. IKEA, $5.99.

9. 18-piece wooden picnic flatware set from Crate & Barrel, $7.95

10. Enamel plates for a durable dish to eat on. Falson Enamelware plate set, £24.99

11. Serve up your salads in colorful take out cartons from the Container Store, $0.79 each

12. Taking a trash bag to the park is a easy way to keep green spaces clean and a great reason for these colorful Patterned Trash Bags from Oh Joy! for Target, $3

13. Knives can be a dangerous item to carry, but they are an essential part of a picnic cheese board. The Laguiole cheese knives come in a perfect wooden carry case for travel. Sur La Table, $69.95

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