Simple Summertime DIY Projects:
5 Towels, 5 Techniques

Small towels are ubiquitous in my household, and in constant use. We don't really use paper towels, so various dish towels serve as cleaning tools, napkins, hand dryers, and whatever else we can think of. Their degree of cuteness varies considerably, depending on function, with most falling in the ratty, worn category. So I love all of these DIYs, which easily take basic cloth to a different level entirely. 

  1. Stitched Red Tea Towels from Purlbee
  2. Polka-dotted Kitchen Towel from La Maison de Loulou
  3. Bleached Indigo Towel from Manteiga Derretida
  4. Printed Dish Towels from Design Mom
  5. Trimmed Bath Towels from Homelife

    (Images: as linked above)

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