Keep One of These Emergency Phones For "Just In Case"

Not everyone may be clamoring for the newest iPhone or latest Android model, but it's advisable for everyone to have a basic cell phone of their own for emergency situations. "Dumb phones" aren't designed to impress, but are designed as dependable and easy-to-use communication devices ideal for emergency situations...
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GreatCall Jitterbug $86.28 Bringing back the clamshell in a big way, the Jitterbug keeps it simple with YES and NO buttons and big numbers. You can add their 5Star Urgent Response system to speak to a live agent who can help with your situation or figure out your location. It's even endorsed by John Walsh!

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Snapfon ezONE-C Senior Cell Phone $59.99 You want big buttons? You got it. You want fewer buttons? Done. There's not much to this phone, which keeps it as simple as possible for ease of use. A simple lock/unlock switch on the side prevents accidental dialing without having to teach the grandparents the concept of "swipe to unlock" or swiping a complex pattern. Works with AT&T and T-Mobile.

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JUST5 J509 Personal Emergency Response System $67.00 Big red buttons and a speaker phone. What else does grandma need? It's unlocked, so just pop in an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM and you're good to go. The JUST5 pone is compatible with hearing aids, and there is a programmable SOS button. Plus red means emergency, right!

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SpareOne Emergency Phone $52.00 The SpareOne is small, and best of all, it runs off of a single traditional AA battery with a talk time of 10 hours and a 15 year shelf life. Not as small and simple as the other models, but the battery options makes it easy for the grandparents to recharge it.

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