Super Small with Style to Spare: 8 Great Under 400 Square Foot Homes

While Apartment Therapy has always been about making the most of life at home in any size space, from the ultra small to big enough to roller skate in, we've always believed that the folks who choose to live small have tons of design savvy — lessons that we all can use. Enjoy these looks inside eight amazing homes that all come in under the 400 square foot mark...

(Shown above) Name: Jessica's Little Sanctuary
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 336

Name: Dane and Leah's Craigslist Kingdom
Location: Portland, OR
Square Feet: 365

Name: Suzi's Nod to History
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet: 200

Name: Jason's Charm & Potential
Location: NY, NY
Square Feet: 250

Name: Bennett and Ryan's Lovely Light
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 390

Name: Mel's Complete & Balanced
Location: Culver City, CA
Square Feet: 210

Name: Shelby's Lots of Character
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Square Feet: 375

Name: Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
Location: NY, NY
Square Feet: 397