Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you have to give up your first true love &mdash comic books. There are lots of cool (and somewhat mature) ways to decorate your pad with super guys and gals. Here's a roundup of comic book inspired décor to help make any room marvelous.


• Hand painted Captain America by Sandra Evertson (not for sale)

Vintage DC Comics Super Friends Tissue Box Cover on Etsy - $35

Comic Book Wall Art from LTL - $15 - $140

Marvel Action Figure from Amazon - $13

Speak-er by the. - $100


Wonder Woman Bust Cookie Jar from Cjars - $80

Comic Bookshelf by Oscar Nunez

Vintage DC Comics Superman Light Switch Cover - $12

Captain America Alarm Clock from The Marvel Shop - $20

The DC Comics Action Figure Archive - $26

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