Surprisingly Fun: AutoRap Turns Your Most Mundane Speech Into Rap

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AutoRap (iOS and Android)
Free (premium tracks extra)

Autotuned R&B songs sit just below "visits to the dentist" and "hairs growing out of moles" on my list of things I could do without. That being said, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, because I found myself laughing till my tear ducts were dried out after laying down rhymes for several home-recorded tracks using the chart-topping app, AutoRap. Available for both iOS and Android, even the most flow/rhythm deficient MC can sound halfway decent after the app finishes matching phrases to beats and melodies. I even somehow wrangled my cat to harness her meows, creating the feline equivalent of a T-Pain track (travesty)...and that in itself made AutoRap worth the download.

Trust me, after a few minutes reading your car insurance bill and instructions of how to bake brownies, you'll start experimenting with more unusual ideas like shown above.