Survey: Have You Built a PC?

Survey: Have You Built a PC?

Jan 30, 2008

If you recognize anything in this photo, then chances are you've built your own PC. Building your own computer is not aa daunting as one might think, although the water cooling system seen above might not be something a novice attempts. We've seen some cool customized solutions, including an Art Deco PC by Jeffrey Stephenson, but we wondered do you have a DIY PC in your home? How do you use it? If you're interested in making your own computer, we've got some helpful links after the jump.

Hardware Reviews gives you a good step-by-step primer on what you'll need to make your own computer and how to install it. Wondering where to get the gear? We like NewEgg for its selection and good deals. Anyone have a favorite source or tips to share? Please leave it in the comments.

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