Reader Survey: Have You Had a Bad Experience with an Etsy Seller?

Reader Survey: Have You Had a Bad Experience with an Etsy Seller?

Landis Carey
Jul 21, 2011

We at Re-Nest write about the fabulousness that is Etsy at least once a day, touting one of their seller's wares or how fantastic it is that they support small business, so it's no surprise that we adore the company and their strides to help small crafters. All of this love aside, and also realizing Etsy Corporate can't be held responsible for every transaction their sellers make...

...I was super disappointed and saddened by a story I recently heard.

While visiting a friend last weekend, I learned of a terrible experience she'd just had with an Etsy seller: my friend had ordered three dozen cookies for her baby shower and every cookie except two arrived broken. The seller didn't didn't offer a refund or much of an explanation, simply a response saying:

"Due to the nature of cookies being perishable, "custom made", and that it clearly states in the store policy I cannot be liable for any damages occurring once it leaves my hands I unfortunately cannot issue a refund under any circumstances."

The shipping box actually arrived in perfect condition, so it was clear to me and everyone else that my friend had been swindled out of $72 plus shipping and handling. Sure, my friend should have listened only on the shop's negative reviews, but in her defense, the seller's feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Hearing this story made me SO sad for several reasons—one, specifically, is that I sell pottery on Etsy and, if anything ever arrived in pieces, I would take the high road and send a replacement—but it also made me wonder...

FYI, if you comment below with super nasty remarks about an Etsy seller, your comment will be deleted.

(Image: Etsy seller Artsy Cookies)

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