Survey Roundup: The Comment Question

Survey Roundup: The Comment Question

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 26, 2007

Good Quote: Gravity's Rainbow

"The voting clearly shows the solution is not a simple yes vs. no, on vs. off one. Almost both sides of the party are weighing in equally, therefore the solution must take both sides into consideration."

Thanks again for all the comments here and here. They are all on target and we think Gravity's Rainbow put her finger on the answer above: we'll navigate right down the middle. With house tours you can choose whether you want comments on or off, but with contests we'll keep them on, and we may experiment with some hybrid in our next contest just to see how it all works...

We'll also work on the flagging or "quieting" of overly harsh comments, and see how that helps. In the meantime, however, we urge you to comment pro-actively and use your words to balance the harshest of critics. As many of you said, the comment thread carries a larger message and a few loose cannons don't necessarily bring the house down.

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