Survey: Themed Rooms


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We loved Emilie's post about wall murals earlier today. It got us thinking about rooms that go a little beyond just a wall mural and into the realm of themed rooms. Here in Austin, we're no strangers to themed spaces (these photos were taken from Esther's Follies on 6th Street). In fact, once we were invited to a party at a home where each of the rooms upstairs had a theme! There was a jungle room, an Asian-inspired decor room and of course, an aquarium themed bathroom...
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Outside of a kid's room (which practically anything can go), how attractive is it to have a themed room in a home? Is it a way to let loose and have fun with decor, or is it just too tacky? Is it okay to have a room based around a favorite sport/movie/television show or is that off-limits for "grown-up" homes? Let us know!