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For those of us who don't own our homes, the rental game is a perpetual balance between value and amenities. Chances are, there's a price you won't go below, and a limit to what you'll spend. Every city and neighborhood is different, so we're asking — what's the lowest and the highest you'd spend on rent?

To gain a little perspective, here are the average rents for current 2 bedroom listings, via rentbits.com:

New York: $4113 San Francisco: $3780 Boston: $3702 Washington, DC: $3165 Los Angeles: $2574 Chicago: $1802 Philadelphia: $1518 Austin: $1248 Atlanta: $1230 Portland: $1188 Minneapolis: $1181

What's your rental price range? Please share your location and size preference along with your range in the comments below. Example: Chicago, 2 bedroom, low 1200 high 2500

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