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Susanna and Aaron
San Diego, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
We love that our small craftsman cottage doesn't feel all that small. Anything you'll ever need is within reach and nearly impossible to misplace. Many home improvement projects are affordable because of the small scale. We have great parties, too. Our friends can mingle throughout the house and into the garden in front. We also have a little patio just outside of the kitchen with a big grill that we use religiously. We love our neighborhood - we're a block from all of the greenery and trees of Balboa Park, and we get the loveliest clean air breezes sweeping up the canyon. The San Diego Zoo is nearby too, and I love to think about how all of those wild animals are our neighbors.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. Scale things down but use the vertical space - we have a small couch and mini ceiling fan, and the half fridge and freezer all have allowed for more space. Allocate space for floor to ceiling storage -the custom shelving in our office has proven to be a great investment.
3. Make the best possible use of your outdoor space. Even a tiny patio with a couple of potted plants can be a great getaway. In San Diego, we can be outdoors year round, which unofficially adds to the space we occupy. 3. Friends call me "Vibe Manager," as I can't relax until the lighting is properly adjusted. I would say that light dimmers are the best invention ever, and we have them in almost every room, including the kitchen. There's a light level for every occasion, and chipping off the sharp, bright "edge" of overhead lighting is an excellent way to induce relaxation and soften the hard lines of a small space.