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Alexandria, VA
Inspiration for my palette:
When designing our dining room, I started out with the dark mahogany table and warm camel leather chairs. The richness of those two items inspired the rest of the room. From the wall color to the rug and all of the accessories on the buffet, I balanced my use of colors and neutrals to reach my ultimate goal: a room where my family and friends can sit for hours and enjoy each other's company.
Colors used in my room:
I chose to combine warm golds and browns with touches of jewel tones to complete this room. The most dominant colors in the room are varying shades of browns, golds and greens, and I brought the jewel tones into the mix through the table runner, large framed print and accessories.
Tips for using color successfully:
I've found that it's best to start with a neutral foundation that can easily be manipulated with the use of accessoires. Most of the rooms in my house have neutral wall colors and furniture, and then I inject color in my use of accent pieces, pillows, art and accessories. Do what feels right and more often than not, it will reflect your personality.
Rich Golds