Sustainability Survey at The Splendid Table

Sustainability Survey at The Splendid Table

Jonathan B.
Nov 16, 2007

Every week, we listen to the podcast of The Splendid Table. They've been running a sustainability theme for a few weeks now and are conducting this survey on attitudes towards sustainable food. We love the recipes, the introduction to new ingredients, and the healthy attitude towards the enjoyment of all foods—especially butter! One of our favorite recipes:

This competition-style retake on Green Bean Casserole, a perfect example of how Lynne Rossetto Kasper can do connoisseurship without crossing over into snobbery.

More resources:
• Check out Marion Nestle on the Splendid Table (click the link in the "More resources" section of the linked post.)
• Take the food sustainability survey
• More on PRI's "Consumed" coverage on sustainability

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