Ms. Erickson's Project: Sustainability & Our Community Garden

Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!

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School: Harp Elementary (High Poverty)
City: Springdale, Arkansas
Teacher: Ms. Erickson

Project: Our students and families will be supplied with healthy, locally grown food, and our students will learn how to create and run a farmer's market. This hands-on experience will be something they remember for the rest of their lives, and is a chance to change an entire community for the better. 

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My Students: My students come from the coolest, most diverse backgrounds. They face many challenges due to their parents working night shift and often being non-figures in their lives. I get the chance to introduce them to the world through investigation and inquiry. What a job!

I work at a Title I school in Arkansas. My students are incredibly diverse and come from many different cultural backgrounds. I love my students because they are incredibly inquisitive and want to take the world by storm. They ask so many questions and are constantly searching to further their knowledge base. Often, I get notes from parents because their student came home and tried to re-enact something we did at school and they are curious about it. My students are the future. They give me encouragement that the world is going to soon be lead by the most passionate, dedicated, and inquisitive generation yet.

My Project: I am requesting several items to aid us in our work in our schools community garden. The flower pruners will be used to help us keep our garden looking nice as well as cutting flowers to make bouquets to sell. The buckets and baskets will be used to organize our produce so that we can look as official as possible as well as make our job a little easier when transporting materials from our garden to our schools own farmers market. The hoses will help us keep our vegetables watered. Our students are going to learn how to keep a community garden functioning as well as operate and run their own farmer's market. We are so excited about all the things we are going to learn.

→Donate to Ms. Erickson's students on Apartment Therapy's Donors Choose page.

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Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!

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