New to You: Swapping Vs. Shopping

Last week I participated in a rather unique event. The Swapaholics hosted an annual Fashion Week "Sip and Swap" that involved (I kid you not) over a hundred women, piles of free clothes and an open bar. While the event had all the makings of a riot, everything went smoothly with swappers scooping up armfuls of clothes then scurrying off to the sidelines to review their finds and start trading.

While the Swapaholics aren't hosting any décor related swaps (yet) they are forming a unique online marketplace that lists furniture and a "home and garden" department. It touts itself as an alternative to Ebay and Craigslist and sounds like a user friendly alternative to groups like freecycle.

You can find swaps and get details on the upcoming Marketplace at

Image: Kim Lucian

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