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We already told you about how plenty of people like to snooze at IKEA, but now a Sydney, Australia outpost of everyone's favorite big blue box is using the power of Airbnb to make it official. They've opened up three showrooms to overnight guests for one night only and it costs, wait for it, a whopping $10 bucks.

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On offer are three room experiences: rustic charm, modern elegance and city living, constructed, of course, from various combos of IKEA favorites.

It's worth a gander simply for the cheeky 1st person host profile of the Swedish chain:

Besides Homes and Interiors, my interests include Design, Sustainability, and yes… meatballs [but only for the lingonberry jam ;)] I speak Swedish and English (and 41 other languages) fluently, so any questions, just ask!

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Sure, it may be a publicity stunt, but who cares? Why snooze on your MALM at home when you could sleep chez MALM?

Wanna stay over? Go to Airbnb to sign up.

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