Homemade rubber stamps might be the perfect adornment for your invitations, thank-yous, & place-setting cards. And they're so fun to make! Our example uses an acorn for a nice autumnal motif …

  • To carve the stamp, you'll need a rubber stamp block, carving tool, pencil, and tracing paper.
  • Sketch some friendly acorn folk on the tracing paper until you hit upon one with the right personality for your cards.
  • Cut out your acorn of choice, cut a piece of the carving block to fit, place drawing upside-down on block, and rub firmly with blunt end of your pencil until the drawing appears on the block. (You can also of course draw your acorns directly onto the carving block, but I am not so confident!)
  • Using the finest-edged carving tool, slowly & carefully carve away all of the excess of your stamp block. You'll want only the portions with pencil marks to remain. Here is an excellent video of the carving process! (video via Geninne's Art Blog)
  • Once you have only the little acorn left, you're ready to stamp. (And no, this finished acorn lady is not the one I started with- it's like on cooking shows!)
  • I used tiny vintage rubber letters to stamp the "Thank You" on my cards, but handwriting works just as well. A gold stamp pad and pen can add a little holiday glamour.
Images: Tess Wilson