Commercial air fresheners leave much to be desired — they're usually laden with chemicals and often have a cloying scent. With these DIY ones, you can customize the scent, use only natural ingredients, and make the packaging as pretty as you want.

  1. A DIY diffuser that look as sweet as it smells. From Sugar and Cloth.
  2. A 2-ingredient option that's so easy, you may find yourself making one for every room. From Smashed Peas and Carrots.
  3. If you love the smell of Williams-Sonoma stores, it's your lucky day — here's their scented room recipe. From One More Moore.
  4. A calming room spray perfect for relaxing around the house. From A Delightful Home.
  5. If you really love citrus — or need a bit of cheering up — this may be the spray for you. From Instructables.

(Images: 1. Sugar and Cloth 2. Smashed Peas and Carrots 3. Morgan Moore for One More Moore. 4. Stacy Karen for A Delightful Home 5. Anna Howard Shaw for Instructables)