Swissted: Re-imagined Punk & Indie Concert Posters

Swissted: Re-imagined Punk & Indie Concert Posters

Jason Loper
Mar 14, 2012

Swiss Moerndism lovers and music fans rejoice! Mike Joyce has re-imagined old punk and indie rock gig flyers from the 1970s, 80's, and 90's into minimal, colorful Swiss Modern typographic posters…

Mike's posters have had an immediate reaction from music and graphic arts fans alike. He recently signed a deal with Quirk Books to do an art book on the subject. As design loving music fans ourselves, these posters create a stir in us — and have us queuing up some old Pixies tunes, too.

The posters range in price: $50 for a 17" x 24" print, $75 for a 24" x 33" and $150 for a 36" x 50".

Shop from over 200 unique posters at the Swissted Shop.

Images: Swissted

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