Table in a Bag from Crate & Barrel

Table in a Bag from Crate & Barrel

Heather Blaha
May 2, 2008

Good weather and the promises of outdoor life (finally!!) reminded us of this table in a bag we discovered last year at a friend's BBQ. Everyone at the BBQ left wanting one - a great piece to keep in the car, use regularly outside at home, or have on hand for trips to the park and Ravinia or Millennium Park outings.

The owners of the table in a bag highly recommended it for ease of set-up, lightweight transport, and well-functioning design. We didn't buy one then, but keep thinking about it now.

Anyone else have the table in a bag or have thoughts on it as a concept?

Available at Crate and Barrel for $39.95.

(Re-published from original entry on June 8, 2007 on AT:Chicago.)

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