Table lamp in the bathroom?

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In every place we've lived in, the bathroom(s) have been fairly small. They've also always had some sort of hard wired lighting, usually above the mirror. So when we saw this image, we were a little intrigued with the concept of utilizing a conventional table lamp in the bathroom...

This image above is part of the new (and quite sexy) Hotel Omm in Spain. Now, obviously the table lamp is not the only source of lighting in this space. It appears that the mirror is backlit, (and we're assuming there's some sort recessed lighting in the ceiling.) We also recall seeing a table lamp used in a bathroom on an episode of Decorating Cents on HGTV. We can't help but wonder about potential moisture and the lampshade? We suppose if the room is big enough or has good ventilation, it's probably fine, or maybe it's not a problem at all. We've just never considered a table lamp for a bathroom. Do any of you use a table lamp in your bathroom? Good idea? bad idea?