Perludi Caspar table. This simple but pretty table has legs that are simply placed into the four holes in the hand-crafted solid-wood tabletop and secured at the desired height with o-rings made from natural rubber.

As I purge a craft table and chairs that are no longer big enough for my growing kids, I regret not buying an adjustable table or desk! From pricey, ergonomic and handmade desks to simple rectangular tables, here are 7 options for growing kids.

I will note that our existing Pottery Barn Kids craft table (which replaced a tiny toddler table) was truly destroyed by scratches, stains and all-around abuse (artistic and otherwise). So maybe the same thing would happen to these adjustable tables (especially the cheap ones). Would they really last long enough to take advantage of the adjustable legs? Does anyone have any experience with these tables or desks?

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