Tablescapes: Artwork, Lamps, and Books

Tablescapes: Artwork, Lamps, and Books

Sarah Coffey
Mar 25, 2009
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The art of arrangement can be tricky, but there's one formula that works almost every time. Framed artwork + a handsome table lamp + a stack of coffee table books = instant tablescape. We've seen this formula brought to life in countless house tours, catalogs, and magazines...

Each one of the photos above expresses a different relationship between the three components. Some have a cluster of artwork with just one or two books, others showcase a vintage lamp alongside more modern art. Most of them feature the artwork as the star of the arrangement, with lamps and books as supporting cast members. For more, click on the links below:

1 Apartment by Phoebe Howard
2 Kathleen and Alex's Guest-Ready Condo
3 Country Living
4 The Fahden's Clearly Clean and Simple
5 Tine K Catalog

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