Tablet Apps for Art Making Fun

Tablet Apps for Art Making Fun

We all know that tablets are great for consuming content, but they are also fantastic for creating content, especially art. In this roundup we look at apps for both the iPad and Android tablets for both the serious artist and those just passing the time.

Mixel: We've mentioned Mixel before and it's one of those apps that continues to spur creativity in us as well as our young godchildren every single time we open it. We love how easy it is to make collages and it's a ton of fun to remix the art of others. Free

Draw Free: If you're looking for a simple, sparse drawing app, give this one a go. Since it's free there is no harm in seeing if it does what you need it to do (entertain your child while waiting for the dentist?) before trying out any of the litany of other paid drawing apps. Free

Brushes: Did you know that several New Yorker covers were created using this app? Simply full of fantastic painting tools, this app has 19 brush tools, support for 6 layers, and allows you to import photos to work with inside of the app. $7.99

TypeDrawing: A very interesting approach to creating art, this app uses typography to "paint," and is a great app to use for integrating text in a novel way into your art. $2.99

iDraw: Looking for grid layout options that include rulers in your drawing app? Look no further than this app. This of this app as sort of Illustrator light for the iPad, a tablet version of desktop vector drawing app. One of the cool things about this app is it allows you to import vector SVG files with paths and gradients to edit inside of the app. $8.99

Sketchbook: This incredibly popular iOS app is now available for Android tablets! We've seen this app used by both young children and serious artists and we've been using the Express version on the iPad for some time. We like the variety of tools and the clean design of the app and we return to it again and again when we feel the urge to draw. For the iPad both Pro & Express (Free) versions are available. $1.99

Adobe Photoshop Touch: Want the closest experience to Photoshop that you can get on a tablet? Look no further than this official app from Adobe. This app offers the widest variety of editing selection tools that we've seen including a lasso tool. Also available for the iPad 2. $9.99

Adobe Collage: This is a fantastic app for creating moodboards because you can collage images as well as text. The app also has a drawing tool which really allows for creating some fantastic mixed media art. $9.99

Fresco: A great painting app for Android, this app has severe; filters and layer support. While it's not quite as full featured as Brushes on the iPad, it's the closest thing we've found on the Android platform. $1.99 (Lite, free version available)

Drawing Tablet HD Pro: Judging from the design, this app is created for the very young artist in mind. The app has painting tools as well as a sticker mode and is sure to keep small children entertained for quite some time. $4.99

Did we miss your favorite art creating tablet app?

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