Love fine art? Or perhaps you can't tell your Monet from your Manet, but you have aspirations for improving your knowledge and appreciation of fine art? Take a gander at these art-related apps for the iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets and curate your own collection of Old World Masters.


1. Painting Masters (Android), Free.
2. Timeline - Art Museum (Android & iOS), Free.
3. Art Authority for iPad (iPad), $4.99.
4. Famous Paintings (Windows 8), Free.
5. Art Curator (Android & iPad), Free, $.99.


6. Master Pieces: The Curator's Game (iOS), $1.99.
7. Art Museum Match 'Em Up (Windows 8, Android, & iOS), Free, $.99.
8. artCircles (iPad), Free.
9. Museums of the World (Windows 8 & iOS), Free.
10. Metro Curator the Game (Windows 8), Free.

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(Images: top image Joelle Alcaidinho, all others as linked above)