A Gallery of Tablet Apps for the
Fine Art Lover

Tablet App Recommendations

Love fine art? Or perhaps you can't tell your Monet from your Manet, but you have aspirations for improving your knowledge and appreciation of fine art? Take a gander at these art-related apps for the iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets and curate your own collection of Old World Masters.


1. Painting Masters (Android), Free.
2. Timeline - Art Museum (Android & iOS), Free.
3. Art Authority for iPad (iPad), $4.99.
4. Famous Paintings (Windows 8), Free.
5. Art Curator (Android & iPad), Free, $.99.


6. Master Pieces: The Curator's Game (iOS), $1.99.
7. Art Museum Match 'Em Up (Windows 8, Android, & iOS), Free, $.99.
8. artCircles (iPad), Free.
9. Museums of the World (Windows 8 & iOS), Free.
10. Metro Curator the Game (Windows 8), Free.

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(Images: top image Joelle Alcaidinho, all others as linked above)