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This week's edition of the tablet app roundup is dedicated to the aviation enthusiasts out there. We chatted with the pilots and plane spotters in our lives to bring you their top picks in apps they frequently use. So whether you're keen to know the number of the runway your plane is about to land on or just curious about the destination of the plane flying overhead, we've got the apps for you.

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Plane Finder HD
Created by Pinkfroot limited, this app and its sister app Plane Finder AR (augmented reality) do exactly what their name implies, they find planes. This is the ideal app to use when plane spotting as it lets you find planes, see their destinations, tail numbers, and track them. $6.99

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This app from Lufthansa Systems, yes that Lufthansa, provides you with information normally only pilots see, professional charts from some of the biggest airports in the world. These charts are extremely detailed and include airport layouts and arrival, departure, and navigation information. $19.99

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AeroWeather Pro

This app contains the important weather information that pilots need and decodes TAFs and METARs (current weather and forecast weather). Lite: Free, Full version: $3.99

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The big kid on the scene, FlightAware, which is also available for iOS, Blackberry, and WindowsPhone 7, contains flight plans and technical information directly from the FAA pertaining to almost any flight. Free

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Aviation Tools
Available in 5 languages with maps for the USA and most of Europe, this app is a basic tool to help pilots prepare for flights. Lite: Free, Full version: $2

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Aviation Weather
This simple application provides quick access to aviation weather METAR, TAF and NOTAM information (Notices to airmen). Lite: Free, Full version: $1.40

Did we omit your top aviation enthusiast app?

(Lead Image: Flickr member Clicclic licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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