Super Bowl Party Planning Made Easy

Super Bowl Party Planning Made Easy

It's that time of year when folks gather round the giant TV and watch one of America's favorite sports. Besides those eagerly awaited commercials, a fixture of these events is entertaining and party planning (aka lots of food). To help you prepare for the festivities, we've rounded up these tablet apps to help you get ready for game day...


Guest List Organizer Lite
First things first, you'll need to figure out who you're having over to your shindig. That means putting together a guest list for any get together that involves double digit attendees so you can make sure you have enough seats, grub, and drinks. This free app is meant for events organizers, but works equally well for guest planning for parties: import Facebook friends, integration with Address Book entries or guests from previous events, and you can even manage relationships between guests (so you don't invite people who don't get along). If you're a planner, then we think you'll love using this app. Free

Weber's On the Grill
Planning on breaking out the grill for the festivities? Check out this app which contains 40 recipes for sauces and rubs. The best part of this app however is the shared grocery list, which you can use to divide and conquer the food shopping and prep tasks among your iOS using attendees. $4.99

You're not going to Indy for the game? That's okay, you can learn everything about this year's venue and game from the comfort of your couch, perhaps using this app to plan regionally appropriate party ideas (e.g. sending your guests assigned "seat tickets" for your game viewing party). Free

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
The leader as far as free recipe apps go, this app is hard to match in the sheer breadth of available recipes. There are complaints of it being a bit buggy, we haven't experienced this however and do like the recipe reviews left by Epicurious users. (Also on Android)Free

Want to try something a little different food wise this year but you're not sure you can pull the recipe off? Check out this app which has fantastic recipes and video instructions that make following any recipe a snap. $4.99


One of the things that sets this app apart from others on Android is that it not only gives you meat recipes, it also helps you find a quality butcher in the UK. We know quite a few Americans who would like this feature so here's to hoping for an app update! (Also available on iOS) Free

Omaha Steaks Steak Time
While this app does contain many a recipe for cooking steaks, its most helpful feature is the built-in steak timer which helps you know exactly what temp and for how long different cuts of meat should cook. (Also available on iOS) Free

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