Tablet Apps to Take Your Inspiration Board Mobile

Tablet Apps to Take Your Inspiration Board Mobile

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 21, 2012

Writing for Apartment Therapy means that I've created quite a few inspiration/mood boards, and writing for Apartment Therapy Tech means that I've used tech to create many of these. While there are great options out there for creating these on your computer, what about when you want to make one that's a bit more mobile? Check out these Android and iPad picks for creating inspiration boards on your tablet.

Corkulous: We discovered this app thanks to reader Janis on the Farmette's suggestion. Janis likes the app because in addition to adding photos, notes and labels to the board, it also allows for adding contacts, tasks, and nesting of the cork boards. Free, $1.99

Moodboard: With a name like this, you know it has to be good at creating mood boards! This app does not disappoint, and is perfect for gathering up the various pieces you need for planning your room deco project. I like the built in palette tool, although I wish there was a way to tie it in to a paint vendor so that I could use the same colors I'm planning on for the walls in the app. Free, $9.99

Pic Collage: Want to easily lay out multiple images on your Android device? Check out this highly rated app, which makes arranging images on a canvas a snap. Free

iPad & Android
Evernote: We at Apartment Therapy are huge Evernote fans, and how could we not be, since we use it for everything from launch event notes to helping gather up resources for a renovation. While Evernote does not have a built in canvas in which you can re-arrange images, it's a great way to collect links, as well as audio notes and images, and have them synced across your devices. Free

Pinterest: While I haven't abandoned my "real-world" mood boards nor my app based boards, I do know folks who have in favor of Pinterest. In case you have not heard of Pinterest, it is all about the images over there, and you "pin" them and can share your pins with friends, as well as re-pin their work. Free

Springpad: Similar to Evernote with a fun exception that reader Twosmooth let us know about… it has a built in mood board feature which makes it all kinds of perfect for our purposes. Free

Olioboard: While not an app for Android or iPad, think of this web app (which is iPad and Android tablet friendly) as kind of Pinterest, but just about home decor. To say that we like it a lot would be an understatement. In addition to being able to layout out a room in 2D, you can also do 3D layouts, and it includes items from IKEA, CB2, West Elm and more. Free

What apps do you use as a mobile inspiration board?

(Image 1: Katie Steurnagle)

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