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Toronto Canada
Inspiration for my palette:
I was in the planning stages to re-design my guestroom and went for a pedicure. I found this fabulous deep, warm purple for my toes and promptly went to the paint store to find a similar colour for my guestroom walls! I am an artist/interior decorator, so I brightened the space by creating an art wall with selections of my own artwork. It makes the space unique and truly reflects my personality.
Colors used in my room:
Purple, cream, pale green.
Tips for using color successfully:
Choose the colours you love and use them in your space - don't be afraid. If the main colour is dark, brighten it up with strategic lighting, lighter, neutral colours and shimmery accessories. If the main colour is light, add punches of saturated, bright or dark colours to ground it and make the room pop with personality.
Comfortable Glam