Decorate with Vintage Doilies

Country Living

Growing up, doilies seemed to go hand-in-hand with plastic covered furniture and plastic runners over "new" carpet. But this slideshow at Country Living shows us how doilies can make a modern comeback that respects the skill and detail work that went into making them originally.

Above, different sized doilies are sewn together in an asymmetrical pattern to create an eye-catching, but sweet, runner.

Starch and a glass bowl to form the shape turn this doily into a pretty fruit bowl. While many of the projects in the slideshow work with, even celebrate, the slight yellowing that happens to an older doily, we think this project would work best with a crisp white one.

To make this textured vase, the doily was hand-stitched around a glass vessel. Below, doilies are sewn into a pillow and at the end of a sheer curtain. Overkill all in the same room maybe, but a dual purpose idea for covering up the ratty ends of an old curtain, or covering a stain or rip on an existing pillow.

Decorate with Vintage Doilies