"Take Back My TV: Think Before You Recycle"

"Take Back My TV: Think Before You Recycle"

Dec 10, 2007

Over at Inhabitat, they featured a really interesting post about the "Take Back My TV" campaign. "According to the EPA, over 87% of the e-waste in the US is simply trashed- sent to landfills... of the 12.5% that is recycled, and estimated 50% - 80% is exported to the developing world..." exposing (the people and surroundings) to a toxic mix of hazordous chemicals." The "Take Back My TV" campaign is asking manufacturers to take responsibility for the products they make, and in their recycling handling. Apparently Sony USA is already participating. The post also links some qualified recycling companies and other things you can do. Read more here.

posted originally from: AT:LA

Image from Basel Action Network via Inhabitat

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