Mondrian Style at Home

Mondrian Style at Home

Elizabeth Giorgi
Mar 1, 2013

Color block dresses are everywhere right now, from high fashion shops down to mall stores. But could you ever embrace this design motif in your home? The famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian made the look famous on canvas in the early 1900's and now these desks take their cue from his bold work.

The concept is simple: take an old desk and repaint it using the rectangular shapes in its construction as your guide. The bloggers at Recyclart even went so far as to paint the insides of the drawers as well for the desk picture above.

If the desk isn't for you, perhaps these kitchen chairs are more your style.

Maria Fiter of Second Life of Objects used Mondrian's inspiration to paint some basic chairs with the famous pattern. This look is less dramatic and would work well as a pop of color in wide range of spaces.

And if you're going for the complete look, why not download a Mondrian-themed desktop wallpaper for full effect?

Would you ever go Mondrian at home?

(Images: 1. Recyclart, 2. Maria Fiter, 3. HDW)

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