Adding Style: Taking "Architect" Lamps Out of the Office

No matter what it's called — swing-arm, Anglepoise, or architect — the ubiquitous adjustable metal lamp is most commonly spotted in offices and used for desktop task lighting. But just like for you and I, the proper care and feeding of a home design staple requires that it get out of the office every once in a while.

Swing-arm task lamps can look right at home anywhere bright, focused light is needed. They can be stood on a countertop, mounted on the wall, or clamped on to shelves if space is really tight. And they're everywhere (flea markets, yard sales, IKEA) in a million different colors and sizes (like the Giant Anglepoise Lamp in Abigail Ahern's home).

Browse these photos for inspiration, and maybe try one out at home. Getting the look is as easy as unplugging a task light from the office and plugging it back in on the kitchen counter, shelves or a nightstand.

Shown above:

  1. Made in Persbo
  2. @my casa
  3. Sanna Lindberg for SvD Bostad
  4. Me and Alice
  5. Emma's Designblogg
  6. Bethany Nauert
  7. Living Etc.
  8. Halo Architecture
  9. Chris Loves Julia
  10. Design Sponge

(Image credits: Made in Persbo; @my casa; Sanna Lindberg for SvD Bostad; Me and Alice; Emma's Designblogg; Bethany Nauert; Living Etc.; Halo Architecture; Chris Loves Julia; Design Sponge)

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