Taking Photos of Food

Taking Photos of Food

Regina Yunghans
Dec 21, 2007

Sorry, but we've tucked this post below the jump and moved it over to The Kitchn, where it really belongs.

Because we had two comments from art and grtdrg, we keep them below but moved them over as well.

When we have holiday celebrations at home, we always take tons of photos. What's funny is, it always turns out that our entire family takes more photos of the food than of each other. We've seen friends and other families do this, too...

So, what about you? Aren't you always just shocked at how many "food photos" you take when holiday entertaining? Or are we the only ones? If not, why do we always do that?

And if you feel like getting artsy, check out The Kitchn's tips on taking better photos of food.

(photos via Flickr.)

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