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Kfar Tavor Israel
Inspiration for my palette:
I love blue and especially turquoise, which is a very calming yet uplifting color because of the yellow it contains. I decided to use these as the base of my color palette and balance the blues out with blonde wood, silver (the backsplash), yellows, lime greens, and additional accent colors. The Orly Kiely wallpaper offsets the turquoise kitchen and creates a whimsical feel.
Colors used in my room:
Lots of shades of blue (mainly turquoise), yellow, light greens, fuschia, orange
Tips for using color successfully:
I love color and think it's best to just go for it and have fun, and not try and tone it down because the result is then not usually what you were aiming for (neither here nor there). I do suggest choosing one main color palette (either tones of the same color or a complementary color scheme) and creating harmony by balancing out with accent colors. Also, once you use enough tones and shades, pretty much any color in small amounts will go with your color scheme.
Turquoise Whimsy