Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

Range Govindan
Sep 23, 2008

No one likes getting woken up, but it's part of everyone's life. Rare are the people who can sleep in or wake up when they want to. We don't know anyone who loves their alarm clock, and since the Philips Wake-Up light is only available in Europe for now, waking up is still a hard process to go through everyday.

The other thing about alarm clocks is that the snooze button is just pressed too often. You always think that an extra 10 or 15 minutes will do the trick, but it never does. That's were the Tantrum-Throwing Alarm clock comes into play. When it goes off, it really goes off! It waves its arms, flips open and closed, and it generally just flips out.

Five minutes prior your wake-up time, the clock's feet and body will begin to glow. When the alarm sounds, it begins tapping its arms lightly. If you try delay touching the snooze button by more than one minute and goes into full tantrum routine. It shuts itself off after an hour.

It also dances to music played from its radio or your connected MP3 player, flashing its lights and swinging its arms. A sensor on its head also allows you to "pet" the clock, causing it to "smile" and tap its fists in appreciation. Its eyes will flash red when its four AA batteries (required) get too low, or it can plug into AC.

Supposedly, it also dances to music played from its radio or your connected MP3 player by flashing its lights and swinging its arms. It also has some virtual pet features. You can pet it and it shows its appreciation by smiling and tapping its fists. It sounds perfect for all of us who are grumpy when we get up. It's available on the Hammacher Schlemmer website for $50.

[via DVice]

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