Tara's Cure: Landing Strip, One Year Later

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

I'm increasingly convinced that making the January Cure a yearly practice is a great idea. Not only does your home get a deep clean and a fresh start, but assignments like today's reinforce that positive changes can turn into good habits. This is what my landing strip looked like last year, and I'm pleased to show you what it looks like today:

Pretty much the same! The bar cart migrated to this corner for my Cure party, and I just kept it there.

Last year, I hung some temporary Command hooks for coats:

Here's what that wall looks like now:

I found this cute wall hook at Marshall's to replace the Command hooks. The open weave bag corrals gloves and hats, while the third hook reminds me to bring a shopping tote when I leave the house.

I could use a secondary boot tray or shoe rack for the floor and perhaps a trash basket to toss junk mail, but overall, I'm pleased that I've maintained and improved upon a system that's working for me.

Is your landing strip in maintenance mode, or did it need an overhaul?

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(Image credits: Tara Bellucci)