Tara's Cure: Little Project Victories

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

We're in the home stretch, people! How is your Cure going? I'm having little victories over here, but I must confess that the tufted headboard is not yet done. So today, I'm going to keep it real and share what I did accomplish so far, headboard and otherwise. Here's where it all stands:

I knew this headboard was going to be A LOT of work, but I still underestimated just how much. This is by far the most complicated project I've ever attempted. I really felt the strain on Friday night when I was cutting out holes in the foam for the tufts, which Jenny calls a "fun and easy" step that "you'll fly through." My experience was none of those things. Maybe it was because I got the high density foam, or maybe it was the knife I used, but it was physically and mentally painful. My fingertips were still numb the next morning from trying to clear my holes of foam bits. Owwies.

I am, however, still determined to finish the headboard (which in my head I've been saying like "headbort," Beyoncé style), and will share the full results when it's done. I mean, I didn't cover FORTY-FIVE buttons for nothing.

On to things I DID finish this month! I found my dream dresser at Boomerangs earlier in the month.

Now that it's in my bedroom, I moved my 8-drawer Hemnes out into the living room to replace the low TV stand, which meant I needed to take down the IKEA shelves that filled the wall behind it (and I didn't much care for).

And now here's the Hemnes, creating tons o'storage in the living room.

Guys, I am LOVING this change. The drawers hold DVDs, my brother's video games, all the tools, extra blankets, extra candles, you name it. The room feels much more open, despite there being a larger piece of furniture in the old one's place.

Another nagging thing I tackled was replacing the horrible IKEA curtain wire in the Jewel Box with curtain rods. Above is what it used to look like.

The award for wonkiest wire ever goes to me. Total sag city up in here. And here's a sad beige curtain that's held up by said evil curtain wire:

And here's the Jewel Box, glimmering brighter than before.

The wire held three panels of my handmade curtains, so when I switched to rods, I had an extra panel for the closet. I'm planning on hemming the curtains now that they're not hung as high and there's a lot of fabric pooling, which is just too tempting for the cats to claw at.

So although I have yet to finish my big project, I'm glad that tabling it for the short term made space for me to complete a couple of these nagging things that make a big difference in how my home feels.

How's your project looking?

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