Purchasing a task lamp by a famous designer comes with guaranteed design cred – and typically a hefty price tag. Although most of these lamps are inspirational, all are as eye-catching and unique as many of the designers that created them.

It’s no surprise that some of our favorite designers have taken the time to produce truly inventive task lamps. Designers know the importance of good lighting - and task lights are the lifesavers of lamps. Portable and slim, these task lights do more than help illuminate the desk, kitchen, or bedside – they each make for an inspired accessory that would make any design aficionado salivate. From the product line of the always-classic Ralph Lauren, to the forward-thinking works of Karim Rashid – we’ve gathered up some of these designer’s task lamps to view as inspiration

1. Herman Miller Leaf Light, designed by Yves Béhar, $379 via DWR
2. Ralph Lauren ’67 BOOM ARM DESK LAMP, $900 via Ralph Lauren Home
3. Ralph Lauren Writers Desk Lamp, $500 via Ralph Lauren Home
4. Herman Miller Flute Personal Light, $279 via Velocity Art & Design
5. Pablo Link Task Lamp, $380 via Design Public
6. Jonathan Adler Havana Task Floor Lamp, $379 at Macys.com
7. Philippe Starck Archimoon K Lamp, $420 via Unica Home
8. Karim Rashid Doride Lamp, $2,980.00 via Unica Home