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Toronto Canada
Inspiration for my palette:
We just moved to a house from a condo and our living room was actually part of AT's 2012 Room for Color Contest. When I look back at the pale walls we had throughout the condo, it makes me feel like we were "just visiting" and I knew I wanted fearless and bold colour choices in our house. Somehow, even with all the moody blues and greens, this room still feels happy and homey. I think it's because our inspiration and philosophy was to just choose colours and accessories we love. We were surprised to find that so much art that we have owned for years but were unable to display before, really ties in well with our colour scheme. I suppose this is a lesson that we should have just gone with our gut from day one. :)
Colors used in my room:
We completely renovated our living room and wanted a dramatic colour to act as a backdrop for our art and DIY bookshelves. We used Farrow and Ball's Drawing Room Blue in a Modern Emulsion finish. We decided to focus on cool hues like blue, teal and green, but you will also see pops of yellow and pink because we like the unexpected.
Tips for using color successfully:
Be fearless! Choose things you love and don't be afraid to use dark colours in small spaces. We were a little nervous to use such a dark colour in our tiny living room but we think the contrast actually made the room appear larger. We're still a work in progress and I can see many small things that need to be touched up (ahem, paint trim... I'm looking at you!) or changed in this room over time. Still, we're so proud of how far we've come and we love the fact that almost everything in the room is either vintage, or handmade. Nearly every item has a story. This is our imperfect house and we're proud of it!
Happy Blues