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Toronto Canada
Inspiration for my palette:
We wanted out condo to feel fun and a little quirky. We appreciate neutrals in other people's homes but we like our home to be vibrant. We also like to be able to add new objects or art without a worry of whether or not it matches. We enjoy new artists as well as reclaimed materials, geology, nature and vintage furniture and we wanted our room to "work" without looking either too disorganized or too planned.
Colors used in my room:
We painted the walls a cool gray and kept our flooring light to create an open, airy space. We had fun with the colour in our accessories and mixed the earth tones of natural materials with vibrant splashes of red, orange, teal and blue. To be honest, we found the red flokati on Craigslist just after we purchased the condo and the room began to take shape from there. We think our use of black, white and gray provides balance and allows us to add colour without it being overpowering.
Tips for using color successfully:
We are so glad we choose cool, neutral walls. They really allow us to maintain a colourful space without the walls closing in on us or the appearance of clutter. We really wanted to emphasize the large open space that we have in our condo. One day, we will probably try something more dramatic but we will really need to pay attention to the light in the room to see what it tells us. Light wall colours are much more forgiving!
Vintage Bright