Tea Time: 10 Best Electric Kettles

Tea Time: 10 Best Electric Kettles

Katie Holdefehr
Nov 7, 2016
(Image credit: SMEG)

No one likes waiting for water to boil, but these ten electric kettles are making the process faster—and prettier—than we thought possible. Both speedier and safer than heating water in the microwave or on the stovetop, an electric kettle that's attractive enough to leave out on the counter may just become your most reached-for kitchen appliance.


We use this kettle in our NYC office, and overall, the team gives it a big thumbs-up. We love how simple it is to use and that the clear glass allows you to see when the water is boiling. If we could change one thing, we'd make the "on" light a little brighter so we always know when it's heating up.

By far the most affordable option on our list, this kettle is straight-forward and simple to use. The perfect budget buy for college students to keep in their dorm rooms, this model has an automatic shut-off function, as well as a detachable cord that allows it to go from counter to table.

A patterned ceramic surface makes this one of the prettiest electric kettles we've ever seen. If you plan to keep your new kettle out on the counter, here's one you won't want to store away.

The Chefman stands out for its heat control options that let you pick a specific temperature range for brewing your tea or coffee—and can maintain that temperature for up to 60 minutes.

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Reviewers love that the inside of this kettle is stainless steel, preventing that terrible plastic taste that other kettles are notorious for. If that's not enough, this model is also cordless and comes with six different heat settings.

This stainless steel and glass option is attractive enough to leave out, while a base that's less than 9 inches across won't take up too much space on your counter.

Leave it to Muji to create a sleek and minimalistic electric kettle. Both stylish and functional, this option can boil a cup of water in just 80 seconds! The only downside to the all-white exterior is that you can't see how much water is inside.

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From the maker of some of our favorite retro-style candy-colored fridges comes this pastel kettle that would actually be a crime to store out of sight. A removable stainless steel limescale filter helps the water taste fresh, while avoiding mineral buildup.

For those seeking a completely BPA-free kettle, the Breville Crystal Clear guarantees that every part that comes into contact with water is free of the chemical. An elegant glass exterior makes this kettle another piece to show off on your kitchen's open shelving.

$149, plus shipping

A stainless steel body and a bent beech wood handle make this splurge of a kettle a must-have for those who want to enjoy tea time in style. It ships from the UK, so you'll have to factor in an up-charge for international handling. Choose from a pale blue or gray metal base.

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