Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Richard Popovic
Aug 16, 2011

It is difficult for adults to remember how abstract a concept time can be to a child. Sure, they understand now and later and tomorrow but it is a different animal to get them to grasp the fine gradations that come with telling time. Throw in phrases like 'quarter after' and you'll find yourself trying to explain why a quarter on a clock does not equal twenty-five, like it does with money. Confusing stuff. Luckily there is a lot of help close at hand.

•Digital clocks can be read as soon as there is a sufficient understanding of numbers. Old school analog clocks, however, require a bit more explanation and patience. There are many toy clocks available, our favorite being the classic Judy Clock, pictured above.

• There is a great site on Squidoo that focuses on telling time, with links to everything from flashcards to interactive games.

• Mathtappers offers Clockmaster, a free app for mobile devices.

• But one of our favorite random finds was Snapdragon, a flash game from the BBC which not only teaches time in English, but in Welsh as well, which can make even the most mundane conversation a little more interesting: "What time is basketball practice over tonight?" "Chwech o'r gloch." "OK, see you then."

(Top image by Flickr member Jinx! licensed for use under Creative Commons. )

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