The stealth living room PC. We don't know what's cooler, the fact that you have your home theater PC and associated equipment hidden away in a sleek package or what looks to be a motorized access door. The idea of hiding your tech in furniture is not a new one. We have seen home theater PC's crammed into Ikea footstools and even good looking PC's that have a reasonable chance of fitting into your living room. But is a stealth computer/ drink holder worth $4350? We actually first wrote about this in 2008, but with the price at $6100 back then, it makes $4350 look like a bargain.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The DIY'er in us says we can build something just as good for less, but if you do have the cash kicking around and are seriously searching for a discrete way to keep high tech in your living room, there really is nothing else like the MECO DLSi7 around, stocked full of options like a cable card, multi channel, HD DVR, Blu-ray, home media streaming, 1080p resolution, 7.1 surround sound and drag and drop internet media. All-in-one indeed!

Mediacore via Gear Crave