Tech-in-color: The Best & Brightest in Home Tech

Shopping Guide

Why shouldn't your gadgets have as much style as your sofa? Bright colors bring personality to your electronics. Try a set of speakers in lipstick red, an air purifier in kelly green, or a custom decal to style your laptop in any color you like.

5093f42fdbd0cb032f000578. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Gizmine
This online store is a good resource for hard-to-find Japanese gadgets, and they have a nifty feature where you can shop by color for electronics in hot pink, turquoise blue, kelly green, or canary yellow.
Nearmore Hybrid Aroma Humidifier, $180

5093f42fd9127e2f160004c9. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Lexon
Founded by French designer René Adda, Lexon has a minimalist/maximalist approach to tech — their electronics are stripped of extraneous details, but they're also available in a LOT of hues.
Tyhko Radop Blue, $75

5093f430dbd0cb032f000579. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop AC Gears
Their specialty is trendy electronics (many from Japan), and they have an impressive selection of colorful headphones from Audio-Technica, Marshall, Urbanears, AiAiAi, and other brands.
Urbanears Plattan Headphones, $60

5093f431d9127e2f1c0004c6. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Kikkerland
This manufacturer and retailer straddles the line between home tech, organizational supplies, decor, and novelty items. They're a good place to shop for colorful clocks and gadgets.
Wall Clock Multicolor, $45

5093f431dbd0cb03420004dd. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop A+R
This Los Angeles store is run by a husband and wife team who are always in search of new, cutting-edge design. Their webshop is a good place to stay up-to-date on tech trends.
Jawbone Jambox, $200

5093f432d9127e2f160004ca. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Flight 001
With multiple locations around the country and an extensive web shop, Flight 001 specializes in high-style tech and gear for travelers. Shop here for colorful alarm clocks, laptop bags, and cord wranglers.
USB Power Cube by Logix, $30

5093f433dbd0cb0349000528. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop MoMA Design Store
The gold standard for designer gifts, the MoMA Store only carries products with pedigree, and they have a nice selection of colorful designer calculators, clocks, and desktop items.
Ella Desktop Calculator, $30

5093f433d9127e2f060004a9. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Decal Girl
This webshop has thousands of adhesive-backed cast vinyl decals for handheld devices and computers, so you can customize your tech in any color of the rainbow.
Solid State Yellow iPhone 4 Skin, $8

5093f434dbd0cb03540004e6. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop The Conran Shop
With locations in New York and online, this store is a go-to source for modern decor, including colorful home tech from Tivoli, Geneva, and other high-end brands.
Geneva Sound System S, $300

5093f435d9127e2f060004aa. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Superjumbodeluxe
Handmade by Ryan Bardsley, these clocks are crafted from colorful powdercoated aluminum, and the body is encased in a plywood box.
Dot Array Blue, $50

Photo: Wall Clock Multicolor, $45